How To Fix A getting Windows Ready Stuck Error

If none of the previous solutions work, you can try running the System Restore or System Image Recovery tools in WinRE. These work similarly but they’re slightly different in what they do. If this was the problem, your PC should move past the Getting Windows ready screen shortly after disconnecting from the internet. That message displays along with an animated icon that’s meant to indicate Windows is working on the update. The trouble is, there’s no indication of how far through the process it is.

remove getting windows ready stuck

First install was on my old 250GB 840 Pro and the fresh install is onto a new 970 Evo Plus. Right now the only things plugged in are my 4TB games drive and my NVME ssd. I could try a fresh install with the NVME drive and HDD removed onto the old SSD but I doubt that would chance much due to the fact the reinstall didn’t work the first time. You might also accomplish this by selecting the Restore Fail Safe Defaults option from the drop-down menu. So as to get the exact base voltage and frequency settings, refer to the processor and motherboard specs that are available online.

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As your system restarts, you can select Keep my files or Remove everything. Now, select Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, then UEFI Firmware Settings. These options will be slightly different if your computer uses BIOS instead of UEFI. Select Search automatically for updated driver software so that Windows automates the process. Check for an error symbol in the list and if you find nothing, the status of your driver is probably not the cause for the error.

  • In that scenario, you need to move to the next solution.
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Try to log in to windows 10 again, It should not boot to the desktop and you shouldn’t see the Just a Moment message. If you see any of the above signs then the install is most likely still running. Hopefully your machine will boot to the windows 10 desktop. If not click on the link below to the method that applies to you.

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Such problems include damaged hard drives, PSU, CPU, GPU, or corrupt RAM, among others. Additionally, if your device’s drivers are outdated or corrupted, it may also trigger the Windows 8 Whea uncorrectable error. Different causes may make the error code appear.

Admittedly I am pushing the settings quite hard, but does anyone have advice from experience of what are the most likely things to cause microstutters. CPU is i7-8700K overclocked and delidded at 5GHz. Watching TaskMan meters, system is not overloaded it would seem. Most of the time I find WHEA errors aren’t caused by CPU, but as they can be any hardware, might as well start somewhere. Overclocking is the most popular solution to WHEA uncorrectable error. You can either uninstall the software that is making your computer overclock or. This error is a type of blue screen of death errors.

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